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I am able and love to cook

I am able and love to cook – one of the exercises of the Distance. What were my goals in this exercise?

Reduce the amount of time and effort spent preparing breakfasts and dinners. Before, every day I painfully thought out what to cook, often the right food was not in the refrigerator, I had to urgently run to the store. In general, I had the feeling that I cook too monotonously.
To increase the satisfaction of all family members from sharing meals. Previously, a family lunch or dinner on the weekend often turned into a scandal due to someone’s bad mood, differences in tastes or other small things.
How did I do the exercise?
First, I made a list of dishes that every family member loves: children, husband, me. Then, I added a few more to these dishes to balance the nutrition. For example, I added fish once a week, several salads, cottage cheese.

Then I wrote a menu of dinners for 2 weeks and breakfasts for 1 week, taking into account the features of the schedule. For example, on Wednesday, when I have the Distance, I set the fastest dishes, and on weekends – more complicated and interesting.

Then we discussed with the husband and children the resulting menu. The result surprised me. The children grimaced about fish and cabbage, but agreed once a week. The husband showed indifference to the menu, saying that he was ready to eat everything.

I wrote a list of products needed for the 1st and 2nd week. I began to buy most of the products once a week, on weekends, in online stores. There is a small list of vegetables and fruits that I ask my husband to buy, again on the weekend.

I wrote 10 ways to make a joint meal joyful:

Put beautiful paper napkins
Make some dessert
Put unusual beautiful dishes
Cook unusual food (from a common cauldron, fondue or pizza)
Candles on the table
Tablecloth on the table
Decorated dishes (such as mashed potatoes with eyes, etc.)
Drink wine / juice from glass goblets / glasses
Pleasant interesting topic of conversation (you need to come up with options)
Music (you need to come up with options).
Last weekend, I tried some of these ways: napkins, juice from glasses, conversation. The results are excellent, about them below.

I tried at dinner to have an intellectual conversation with children (boys) on the topics “How to teach Julia to sculpt from plasticine – explain in words or do for her?” and “Can a young child, like Julia, be taught to understand and use the English words Yes and No?”. The experiment is interesting. Andryusha gave quite sound reasoning, and Sasha only assented and repeated after his brother.

My exercise success
The children began to eat what I cooked without whims. The argument “Look, it says here that today is fish” helps to easily convince a child.
I stopped going to the store every day, I got 30-60 minutes a day free.
I cook dinner in a maximum of 30 minutes. During this time, I manage to cook not 1-2 dishes, as before, but 3-4 dishes. Due to the fact that I was pre-configured for a certain menu, mentally prepared myself, I can do everything faster and more efficiently.
I began to cook more salads. By the way, I found that to attract children to a healthy diet, you can bypass. My children used to refuse to eat stewed cabbage, and I was worried about it. Now it turned out that they gladly gobble up the same cabbage, but in the form of a salad.
I improved the atmosphere at the table during family meals. When there are beautiful napkins under each plate, when everyone has their own glass, involuntarily the homework is filled with solemnity and behaves decently.
Children, especially the youngest daughter, are happy to participate in table setting, i.e. learn etiquette and housework.
Exercise Conclusions
For busy mothers who want to save time and at the same time strive for a healthy diet, a dinner menu will be a good support.

Firstly, on the menu you can buy products for a week and be calm, which is enough.

Secondly, you need to perceive the menu not as an obligatory program, but as a hint and change it depending on the situation.

For children who eat everything in the kindergarten and are picky at home, the menu will help to cope with their whims. You can act up with your mom, and with printed paper – it’s useless.

Pleasant little things during Saturday dinner keep all family members within the bounds of decency. “Since there is such beauty here, we will use a fork and knife, use polite words, smile and have conversations.”

Do you know how to cook? Do you like family meals? Share your success!

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