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1.5 years: know the world

Sufficient physical activity is very important for a one and a half year old child. He knows how to walk, many children know how to run, jump and squat. Now make it a rule for you to walk with your child every day for at least 2 hours, regardless of weather / rain / snow. It is better if there are two walks of 2 hours each. This is very important not only for the development of physical skills, but also to maintain the health of the baby, and to reduce the incidence of SARS.

The baby’s nutrition is already quite close to that of adults, and in most cases there is no need to cook the child separately (of course, if you don’t eat too spicy, salty, canned or pickled). If the child had intolerance to the protein of cow’s milk, then, most likely, tolerance has already developed. Therefore, dairy products can be introduced into the child’s diet. You should start either with porridge in milk or with cottage cheese (these dishes go through the heating process, and the protein breaks down in them).

Remember the list of foods that should not be given to children: grapes / cherries / cherries whole berries (you need to cut it into at least half lengths or quarters), sausages, sausage (and other meat surrogates), candies, caramel (these are the most cruel destructors teeth), raw carrots / apples – the child can bite and inhale a piece.

Psychology and emotional development
You probably noticed that the baby’s favorite word in this period is “no.” He says it all and regularly. Thus, the child learns to want something and not want something. This is normal.

In addition, the child is already aware of himself as a separate person. Here the struggle for power manifests itself very strongly, especially if there are older children at home.

Remember that the best war is one that has been avoided. Try to distract the child, switch his attention.
It is during this period that children can begin to bite. Their vocabulary is too small and they still cannot express their emotions. That is why they can begin to bite in order to express some kind of negative. If this happens, then first of all pay attention to the bitten child, make sure that everything is in order with him. Be calm with both children. You will not achieve anything by screaming at a child who has bitten. Most likely, he himself was stunned by his own emotions, which he could not control.

In fact, a child who has bitten can cry much more strongly than a bitten one. Just say that you can’t bite, that it hurts. Pay attention to what happened during the incident. Whether they intruded into the personal space of the child, whether they tried to take something away, or maybe this happened close to bedtime. Next time you can prevent the problem if you know what “triggers” are.

Never try to teach a child that you cannot bite while biting his answer. This will teach the child only that sometimes you can bite.

In an unfamiliar environment, even a sociable child can get a little confused. And already introverted children can even cry. Treat this with understanding, the baby is scared, try to hug him more often, pick him up, and let him get used to the situation.

The child already walks well and steadily, knows how to climb small descents and descend from them. Next is the development of fine motor skills. The child learns to put puzzles, simple and large puzzles. In general, this is the period of the child’s passion for developing games. Pyramids, cubes, large designers – all this forms the basis for the development of logic and motor skills of a one and a half year old baby.

Parent Tips
If your child begins to attend any developmental classes, then most likely he will begin to get sick more often with viral infections. And this is normal.

The more often the child comes in contact with other children, the more often he will cling to SARS.
Remember that frequent hand washing, frequent airing, walking are the best prevention of morbidity in children.

If the child began to get sick often, then think about how necessary it is to visit all kinds of developmental sites? Maybe you should do the same at home, and contact the children on the street, where the risk of contracting is much lower?

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