3.5 years: communication skill
Starting from 3.5 years for a harmonious development, a child just needs contacts not only with adults, but also with peers. It is in interaction with other children that the…

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1 year: one year crisis
By this age, most children can walk independently. The first step is behind, and ahead are new skills and abilities, conquering new heights. The child is already learning to overcome…

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Features of the emotional sphere of boys and girls
A survey of educators and teachers regarding the individual characteristics of children's behavioral characteristics makes it possible to consider that usually boys are more excitable, irritable, restless, impatient, restrained, intolerant,…

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Today, raising a teenager is very difficult. After all, most of the time they are influenced by other people: school teachers, peers, neighbors, TV presenters of entertainment programs.

This is one of the most important causes of all our difficulties.

Many parents feel that their incompetence, lack of preparation for the performance of parental responsibilities negates any of their efforts. But, on the other hand, it is obvious that the family still has a huge impact on children.

It is a family that can create an atmosphere of spiritual comfort for a teenager, help him to feel his security, self-confidence, teach him to relate to adults, peers and young children and to react correctly in unusual situations. Despite many people and circumstances affecting a teenager, the most serious is family influence.

A teenager may be taller, prettier, stronger than his parents, he can outgrow them in any other way, but internally, in terms of emotionality, he remains a child and he still needs to feel loved by his parents. If he does not have undeniable evidence of this love, he ceases to strive to be better and as a result becomes unable to realize himself, that is, to reveal his best qualities.

Very few teenagers are really lucky, and they get this true, unconditional and full love of their parents. Undoubtedly, most parents truly love their teens and believe that they are perfectly able to express this love. And this, of course, is their biggest mistake, because almost all of them do not show it at all. They simply do not know how to do this.

When I speak with teenagers who come to me with their problems, it turns out that very often the cause of conflict and misunderstanding (or a circumstance that exacerbates these situations) is precisely the feeling that the parents do not like them.

This is what this discussion of our book will be about, we will try to help parents understand how to love their teenagers so that they strive for the best, strive to grow up to be good people. I pray that this book will become not only a book of answers for exhausted and completely confused parents, but also a book of hope.

Personally, I really love teenagers. They are very dear and close to me, because, getting what they need, they give us so much joy and heartfelt openness that sometimes my heart breaks with gratitude and love for them.

Yes, of course, sometimes adolescents give us painful minutes, becoming a serious test of our endurance and patience, forcing us to lose composure and peace of mind. Then it seems to us that we simply are not able to satisfy their needs, and we want to drop everything and run away.

Dear parents, forget about it, hold on. Be persistent! Your persistence will help you overcome all adversities.

Moreover, what a deep, incomparable pleasure it is to see the miracle of turning our teenagers into pleasant and worthy young men and women. But you have to be realistic – this does not happen by itself. You have to pay an expensive price.

I really want this book to become a source of hope for you, and far from wanting to arouse guilt in you.

We all make mistakes, and just as there are no perfect children, there are no perfect parents. Feeling guilty about past mistakes cannot prevent you from raising your children.

Most teenage problems can be partially or completely resolved if the tension in the relationship between children and parents disappears. However, some of the problems may be caused or caused by diseases of the nervous system, such as depression. In these cases, health problems must be resolved before you begin to repair your relationship.

More often than not, professional medical care is not required to solve the problems of adolescents, since everything can be settled if parents learn to correctly express their love for children. It is about how this is done that you will learn from my book.

Chapter 2. Family
The main task of parents is to create a friendly and happy family, in the first place in this matter should be the relationship between spouses and only then – the relationship of parents with the child. Success in reaching a teenager is largely dependent on the relationship between parents. Spouses need to understand how important is cordiality and trust in the relationship between them, because this is what will be the basis for achieving the same spiritual intimacy with a teenager.

In a survey conducted in America in 1989, it turned out that 26% of children under the age of 18 live with one parent. And this figure is growing rapidly.…


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3.5 years: communication skill
Starting from 3.5 years for a harmonious development, a child just needs contacts not only with adults, but also with peers. It is in interaction with other children that the…


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