How to teach adult children of Love with a capital letter?
Not all parents love their children, at least not always, not in all situations the parents of their children love. It is a fact. But if we speak from the…

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2 years: creative studies

The child’s physical skills no longer develop as quickly as before, simply because by the age of two his body is already coordinated, he performs all actions consciously, by a strong-willed impulse. He jumps on one and two legs, actively runs, easily starting and stopping, and at the same time does not hurt the obstacles in his path.

Fine motor skills are improved every day. The kid carefully takes small objects using a tweezers, can build a fairly high tower of cubes, turn the pages of the book one at a time, cut paper with scissors.

And the child learns to work: paints, plasticine, pencils, coloring books or just an album – all this develops the child’s drawing skills, and in the subsequent speech and writing. Make his learning safe and fun. Classes should be short and not overload the child. Of course, the child is rather diligent, but for more than 20 minutes he cannot be engaged yet.

Outdoor games for two-year-olds are a favorite pastime. Hide and seek, catching up – all this helps the child to actively interact with adults or older children. In addition, during such classes, the child copies the playing behavior of other children or adults.

A child learns the world every day. He uses about 50 words in his speech (he can use words and / or gestures). He asks simple questions using words and / or gestures and looks questioningly. The kid understands what he wants and what he does not want. He actively protests in any way possible for him.

Education of responsibility in a child is an important stage of development.

Now the child easily takes on small responsible one-time assignments: carry his mother’s bag for a short time, take the laundry to the washing machine, put spoons on the table.
In addition, such daily activities accustom him to household assistance.

♦ Looks at the pictures in the book carefully.

♦ String large beads onto a flexible base.

♦ Assembles the pyramid correctly.

♦ Of the two items, selects large and small.

♦ Plays with plasticine, sculpts from it.

♦ With the help of adults, takes part in everyday activities (washing dishes, making a bed).

♦ Actively communicates with peers (words and / or gestures).

Parent Tips
Try to comprehensively develop the child. Do not focus on one thing. Be patient.

Let the baby engage in activities on his own, do not stop his initiative (if, of course, it is safe).
Do not forget to walk with your child twice a day. Outdoor outdoor games are the best immunity training.

How to organize life
A child of two years usually sleeps once. Some babies try to give up daytime sleep, but it is still very early. Therefore, if the child did not sleep during the day, then in the evening he will be overworked and the night’s sleep will be restless. Try to keep your sleep patterns. A child who is accustomed to the regimen – falls asleep easier and sleeps calmer. Do not forget to alternate activities.

How to play
The two-year-old plays alongside other children and sometimes takes them into the game. He diversifies simple role-playing games and loves outdoor games. During developmental classes, she can talk a lot, however, this speech will most often be incomprehensible to others. Remember that when the game is over, the child must put the toys back in place.

At the age of two, a child will enjoy playing kinetic sand. This is a very exciting and entertaining game for children of all ages. In addition to simply developing fine motor skills, it will help the child calm down and switch from vigorous activity to a calmer one. For example, can be used to prepare for sleep.

What is learning
In two years, you can teach your child four simple colors – yellow, red, blue, green, as well as three simple forms – circle, square, triangle. Simple puzzles or cubes will carry him away for a long time. Many children enjoy liner frames and magnetic fishing.

How does it behave
The child increasingly declares, “I myself!” He is trying to copy adults, including their independence and independence. One of the baby’s favorite words in this period will be “No!”, You can hear it literally for everything. He can even react negatively to his favorite food or activities, but in a minute he asks you for it. Be patient, it will pass soon.

Remember that children are empathic. They feel your tension, anger, anxiety and project exactly the same on others. Calm mother is a calm baby.
How speech develops
Tries to repeat different words for adults. Often the words are repeated very closely in sound to the original. Most of the words that the child speaks are understandable to those around him. Uses many vowels in speech. The kid says “thank you” and “please” (if you tell him that this needs to be done) or shows it with gestures (for example, nods instead of “thank you”). Speaking of himself, he begins to use the pronouns “I”, “me.”

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How to teach adult children of Love with a capital letter?
Not all parents love their children, at least not always, not in all situations the parents of their children love. It is a fact. But if we speak from the…


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