Readiness for school

Fear of water, or How to not be afraid to swim
It is easiest for children to learn to swim when they play catch-up next to each other. Catching up on the water, when you need to swim away from the…

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About the format, or What fate will we give our children?
Like any habits, good habits in children are developed through repetitions with positive reinforcement, and usually a period of 20 to 40 days is sufficient. However, situations are not uncommon…

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1.5 years: know the world
Sufficient physical activity is very important for a one and a half year old child. He knows how to walk, many children know how to run, jump and squat. Now…

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Spartan education

When there is a conversation about education, the famous catch phrase “Spartan education” is involuntarily recalled. What events is associated with this definition? Who needs Spartan education, and is it necessary for humanity in general in the modern world?

The phrase “education in Spartan” has deep roots. Sparta is an ancient Greek state in which, in fact, this phenomenon originated. In Ancient Sparta, the main task of mothers was to raise endurance, the will to win, and patience in children.

From a young age, children were prepared for serious trials. And in order to consolidate the skills of true warriors and show successes, they had to participate in special festivities in the temple of Artemis Continue reading

If a child tests your strength …

The most obedient children from time to time necessarily check whether parents can – do not obey? The main type of check is a test of the parents’ resistance to a child’s attack, when the child suddenly stops obeying and actively insists on his desires. A child throws to parents – a challenge! If here to show the child a weakness – the child understands that parents can be replayed. And begins to use it.

J. Dobson writes: “I somehow had to talk with the mother of a very naughty thirteen-year-old boy who was scornful of the slightest hint of parental authority. He did not return home before two in the morning and defiantly ignored any demands from his mother. Assuming that This problem didn’t arise today, I Continue reading

Home schooling: pros and cons

In my time, all first graders were still “automatically” credited in October, and then they began to appeal to their “October conscience”, etc. Towards the end of the first grade, my son realized that no one asked him if he wanted to be October. He began to ask me questions. And after the summer holidays (at the beginning of the second grade) he announced to the teacher that he was “leaving October”. The school began to panic.

At home, my son and I quite often told each other about our news (on the principle of “what was interesting today”). And I began to notice that in his stories about school too often situations of this type were mentioned: “Today I started reading such an interesting book – in mathematics.” Or: “Today I began to write the score of my new symphony – on history.” Or: “But Petya, it turns out, plays chess very well – we managed to play a couple of games in geography.” I thought: why does he even go to school? To study? But in the lessons he does completely different things. To Continue reading

I’m not cruel, I take care of your son

A woman, 47 years old, married, lives with her husband. The main earner in the family is her. 2 years ago I bought an apartment in a mortgage, a year ago they completed the repair. At the time of repair, the husband’s son was discharged from the 1st marriage from Tashkent, the guy is 30 years old. At the moment, the guy lives with them in a 2-room apartment.

The stepson has the citizenship of Uzbekistan and has a residence permit in Russia. There is currently no Russian passport. He works as a security guard, spends his salary solely on himself. It was assumed that after the completion of the repair he would rent a separate living space. The stepson does not want to move out, because he is comfortable. He explains the delay in leaving so that he does not earn much to Continue reading

I am able and love to cook

I am able and love to cook – one of the exercises of the Distance. What were my goals in this exercise?

Reduce the amount of time and effort spent preparing breakfasts and dinners. Before, every day I painfully thought out what to cook, often the right food was not in the refrigerator, I had to urgently run to the store. In general, I had the feeling that I cook too monotonously.
To increase the satisfaction of all family members from sharing meals. Previously, a family lunch or dinner on the weekend often turned into a scandal due to someone’s bad mood, differences in tastes or other small things.
How did I do the exercise? Continue reading

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