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1 year 9 months: teaching discipline
The child already does all the actions consciously. The body is accustomed to obeying the will (although before that there were a lot of trial and error). The child no…

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How to turn a teenager into a man
It was 1993. At that time I was renting a 2-room apartment in which we lived with my youngest son, Ilya, who was twelve years old. The eldest son studied…

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2.5 years: hygiene skills
Your baby’s physical activity continues to increase. He sleeps, as before, for 10-12 hours a day, of which 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon. It is difficult to lay some children…

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Sexual relations in primary school age

One of the features of the behavior of boys and girls of primary school age is the formation of groups that are homogeneous by sex (homogenization), the relationship between which is often described as “sexual segregation”. Children are divided into two opposite camps – boys and girls – with their own rules and rituals of behavior; treason to one’s own camp is despised and condemned, and attitude towards another camp takes the form of confrontation.

These external manifestations of psychosexual differentiation and sexual socialization are the result of psychological patterns.

Regardless of the place of residence and cultural environment, certain differences are observed in the behavior of boys and girls in the first six years of life. Boys aged 6-8 years are active and require more attention, girls are more gentle and calm. Moreover, boys are more aggressive. Aggression is the type of behavior that always distinguishes men from women, regardless of age.

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The formation of a female style of behavior in high school students as one of the forms of aggressiveness prevention

Currently, several psychological and cultural phenomena have developed that can be qualified as undesirable deviations:
firstly, it is the obvious and increasingly increasing masculinization of girls and the feminization of boys;
secondly, the emergence of an increasing number of extreme, undesirable behaviors of teenage high school students: anxiety is caused not only by progressive estrangement, increased anxiety, spiritual emptiness, but also cruelty, aggressiveness;
thirdly, the aggravation of the problem of loneliness at a young age and the instability of marital relations in young families.
All this is most acutely manifested at the turn of the transition of a child from childhood to adulthood – in adolescence. The microenvironment in which the modern teenager revolves is very unfavorable. To one degree or another, he encounters various forms of deviant behavior both on the way to school, and in the yard, and in public places, and even at home (in the family), and at school. A particularly unfavorable situation leading to deviations in the sphere of morality and behavior is the liberation from traditional norms and values, the absence of firm patterns of behavior and Continue reading

Psychological characteristics of boys and girls

Why nature is male and female

But really, why? After all, once upon a time plants and simple animals did not have this: “he” and “she”. But at a certain stage of evolution, it suddenly turned out that dividing living beings of the same species into male and female organisms is very beneficial. Why?

The answer to this question was proposed in his theory of asynchronous evolution of sexes, doctor of biological sciences, geneticist V.A. Geodakyan. He proceeded from the proposition that two opposing trends always fight in evolution. The first is the need to preserve what has already been created, to consolidate those signs that are beneficial, to pass them by inheritance, to make descendants as close as possible to their parents. And the second one is the need for progress, further search and change, the diversity of descendants, among whom it will be one who will give evolution a new favorable direction and provide adaptation to new conditions, and will expand the living environment. So, the struggle is conservative and progressive, sustainable and changeable, old, reliable and new, unknown, risky. Continue reading

What does a woman with male behavior have in life?

Girls are fighting! In kindergarten and school, with boys and girls. Nowadays, girls fight, considering this the norm of their behavior. In addition, they are decisive, firmly defending their interests, fighting for power. Who taught them to act like men? Who was an example in the formation of non-female behavior? The answer is sad – moms! These are the daughters of women with male behavior. These women are unlucky in love, and it seems that this is waiting for their daughters.
Recently, a friend of mine told me about a man who had lost his memory and found himself in the other end of the country without documents, money and knowledge about himself. She concluded the story with the words that there was one woman who believed him, sheltered and now he lives with her. After describing it, a picture appeared in my head: an unhappy, moneyless and homeless man thanks his savior for the shelter and the roof over his head. Just in case, I asked: “It does not work, right?” “No, why,” the storyteller answers, “it turned out that he was well versed in cars, he soon got a job as a car mechanic and earned a decent profit.” She then added that he had renovated the house and was offering his current life partner not to work in kindergarten, but to become a housewife. Hearing this, I realized that the picture is Continue reading

Raising a boy, raising a girl

Let’s ask a question: if the boys have so many different deviations, if there are a lot of twosomes and difficult to educate among them, then why are almost all the outstanding scientists, artists, writers, doctors, composers, designers – men? And why did so many great people do poorly in school? Probably, among the two-year-old boys there are many who will never be able to realize what nature has given them. Why?

Apparently, because we do not know how to teach boys. The learning strategy in both kindergarten and school is most often targeted at girls. Both girls and boys are taught more often than women: at home – mother and grandmother, in kindergarten – teacher (“a whiskered nanny” is, unfortunately, a pipe dream, Continue reading

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Features of the emotional sphere of boys and girls
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Raising a boy, raising a girl
Let's ask a question: if the boys have so many different deviations, if there are a lot of twosomes and difficult to educate among them, then why are almost all…


Raising a boy, raising a girl
Let's ask a question: if the boys have so many different deviations, if there are a lot of twosomes and difficult to educate among them, then why are almost all…