Readiness for school

1 year 9 months: teaching discipline
The child already does all the actions consciously. The body is accustomed to obeying the will (although before that there were a lot of trial and error). The child no…

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To the twelve son: education of responsibility
After returning from the Air Force 2013, my 12-year-old son often repeated: “Positive, constructive, responsible” ... True, when I asked what he put into the concepts of “constructive” and “responsibility”,…

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Fear of water, or How to not be afraid to swim
It is easiest for children to learn to swim when they play catch-up next to each other. Catching up on the water, when you need to swim away from the…

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How to turn a teenager into a man

It was 1993. At that time I was renting a 2-room apartment in which we lived with my youngest son, Ilya, who was twelve years old. The eldest son studied at a music school and lived in another city, often coming for the weekend. Then I had good opportunities in the implementation of new knowledge on the education of the youngest son.

He studied poorly, but thanks to his good memory and quick wits, he managed to finish a quarter without twos. And taking into account the transitional age and its difficult nature, I decided to focus more on the formation of masculine qualities.

I realized that you can bring up without prohibitions and punishments, the main thing is to transfer the desired freedom to a teenager along with responsibility. For this, I set myself the task: to learn not to emotionally respond to any tricks of my son, that is, to maintain complete inner calm. Only six months later, I coped with this task. This was necessary to Continue reading

Boys – from Mars, girls – from Venus

The difference in physiology and psychology

No one will argue that there is a difference between boys and girls. What is the external difference alone? But how else and why do they differ from each other?

It turns out that the representatives of the weaker sex hear and distinguish sounds close to high-frequency ones much better than the representatives of the stronger. This explains the fact that mom will hear the crying of the child through a dream, and dad will sleep peacefully further. But, in turn, a man will quickly understand where the sound comes from. This skill helps the hunter locate future prey.
More girls have wider peripheral vision. They are able to clearly see the space at an angle of 45 degrees up, down, right and left. Nature did this for a reason, because with such an ability it is much easier for any female to make sure that the cubs do not run away and are not in danger. But the boys have the ability to see ahead, into the distance, which in the Continue reading

Features of the emotional sphere of boys and girls

A survey of educators and teachers regarding the individual characteristics of children’s behavioral characteristics makes it possible to consider that usually boys are more excitable, irritable, restless, impatient, restrained, intolerant, unsure of themselves and even more aggressive than girls. Apparently, in most cases this is true. However, it must be borne in mind that our vision of a child does not always objectively reflect what it really is.

We compared the characteristics given to the same child by parents (almost exclusively mothers, not fathers) and educators (also women). To our surprise, the discrepancies were very significant and different for boys and girls.

So, parents often consider boys to be unemotional when caregivers note their increased emotionality. At Continue reading

About the princess, a magic flower and a clue from the Cosmos

Once upon a time there was a princess. Real, fabulous. And as beautiful as they are written about in books. That is, blonde, with a wasp waist and large blue eyes. In the kingdom where she lived, everyone was just talking about her beauty. Only the princess was forever unhappy. Either the throne was set hard, then the chocolate is too bitter. And she grumbled around the clock.
Once she heard from a boy running after her carriage, unusual loud words. And there was such anger in them and some strange power that the princess realized if these words were used in the kingdom, then everyone would be scared of her and would love her even more. So she began to do. What’s wrong with her, she immediately shouts: “You are a freak, beastless cattle,” and the servants immediately part, and the priest asks if she will say anything special. It hurts too angry because. The princess realized that there was great power in evil words and began to use them left and right to strengthen her power …

But once this happened. The blonde princess went, grumbling and scolding everyone, as always, into her favorite garden. Here she could be alone and admire the swans floating in the pond. Passing the familiar road, she suddenly Continue reading

Parenting a girl: how to pave the way to female happiness

Autobiographical novel with historical dives

The strange fate of this work of mine is at first just an article about the upbringing of a girl, then a historical excursion into the past of the family and a review of her family was added, and finally, a guide for women on how to find your happiness in yourself was formed.

So: girls, creating delicate and subtle, a bunch of emotions, feelings and fantasies, a special approach to each is needed. It seems to whom, if not me, the mother of four daughters, to write on this multifaceted and exciting topic. But how is everything ambiguous and with each differently. Continue reading

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To the twelve son: education of responsibility
After returning from the Air Force 2013, my 12-year-old son often repeated: “Positive, constructive, responsible” ... True, when I asked what he put into the concepts of “constructive” and “responsibility”,…